Checklist Download: 81 Data Points to Review for Your Data Migration Strategy

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One of the biggest projects ecommerce teams face is replatforming your site. Further, when replatforming, the smooth transfer of data – products, customers, orders, and more – is everything.

You want to migrate your company’s data completely and only once. Anything short of a one-time, full transfer will cost your business extra time and money. For an overview of the data migration process, check out our article compilation on this topic.

Thankfully your business can avoid additional stress and expense with the right data migration strategy in place. To help you get there, we put together a checklist of all the different types of data retail companies need to address in replatforming. Some companies will need to transfer nearly every data point on this list. On the other hand, others will only need to confirm a few areas.

Regardless of where your company falls on the data spectrum, we created this exhaustive checklist to review your data prior to its transfer. In downloading the list above, your company gets a powerful planning tool to support seamless data migration.