Ecommerce Platform Migrations & Builds

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Command C has been migrating and building ecommerce sites since 2004. We know the common pitfalls. We have developed processes that optimize and organize your transition with the goal of getting you on the best platform in the most efficient way possible.

Identifying the right platform

We are a fit-first agency. Each of our client’s businesses is unique, though many share similar pain points. Our years of experience in the ecommerce space allow us to assess potential platforms through the lens of your short and long-term goals and constraints. We recommend solutions that are right for your business.

Together, we identify the right platform to meet your goals and increase the longevity of your site. We also map out the optimal extensions, apps, integrations, and data and SEO migration strategies to ensure maximum automation and a seamless transition for your administrators and for your customers.

Design and development approach

Our thorough discovery and planning stage means we get it right the first time. We take a lean approach to site builds and migrations – aiming to help you define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get you to market quickly and efficiently. Once your site is live, you can begin collecting valuable qualitative and quantitative data that we encourage clients to use as the foundation of their optimization plan. For this reason, we often encourage clients to look at their project in phases.

Command C’s unique strategy focuses on an escalated design phase to get you to market quickly. We approach design in a couple of different ways, depending on what makes the most sense for your business. Regardless of the decided upon tactic, we always spend your time and money well. We place our emphasis on what we do best, while being clear about what we don’t do.

Start with a solid foundation and customize as necessary
In a perfect world, there would always be time and budget for lengthy and deliberate design phase. In reality, however, business requirements surrounding both timeline and budget often make the approach we are describing below extremely advantageous.

Depending on how much customization your site needs, leveraging a pre-existing theme as a starting point can bring a ton of efficiency to the process. We can work with you to analyze themes and determine which will best suit your needs – from both frontend and backend perspectives. From there, we can build in customizations, match the site’s look and feel to your brand, and extract a pattern library that ensures future evolution of the site stays in line with your style guide and creates a consistent customer experience.

Custom development

Our developers are trained in UX best practices with an eye for good design. We are happy to work with your creative team to build out a site from provided designs. We’re also well-versed at inferring interfaces from a set of branding guidelines or a few designed interfaces. Please note that though we are extremely cognizant of UX, CX and best practices, Command C does not focus on branding and/or creative. If you are looking for a design agency, we are happy to recommend one of our partners.

We work with clients to analyze the pros and cons of each design approach outlined above in tandem to their budgetary and timeline requirements to choose the solution that will maximize ROI.

Our development process includes frequent reviews to demonstrate where we are at in the process and keep you informed. By treating clients as collaborators, we are able to work iteratively and make decisions together, avoiding unintended outcomes. When it comes time to review, you’ll already be quite familiar with the site and where it stands.

The outcome is a foundation for your business that is as flexible, automated, efficient, and ultimately as profitable as it can be. With this basis, clients are in a position to meet their growth plans and goals without technical issues constantly blocking progress. Now that your site is up and running smoothly, you can turn your focus to future phases and core business decisions. Command C-built sites have a consistent history of increased ROI.

Revenue has consistently gone up since the engagement began.

– Greg Lellouche, No Man Walks Alone