Code Audits

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Setting the Stage for Success

When Command C takes over a site that we did not originally build, our process begins with an in-depth  code audit. This audit serves several crucial purposes:

Familiarization and Efficiency:

  • We conduct an in-depth review of your codebase to familiarize ourselves with its structure and intricacies.
  • This upfront understanding enables us to work on your site efficiently and effectively from the start.

Accuracy and Cost Savings:

  • By gaining insights through the audit, we can provide accurate estimates for future tasks and projects.
  • This precision helps save costs in the long term by avoiding unexpected developments and inefficiencies.

Technical Recommendations:

  • The audit allows us to make informed and meaningful technical recommendations tailored to optimize your site’s performance and stability.

Workflow Definition:

  • Based on the audit findings, we define a clear workflow to address identified issues and implement improvements seamlessly.

Server Recommendations:

  • Where applicable, we provide recommendations regarding server infrastructure to enhance site performance and reliability.

Accelerated Onboarding and Issue Resolution:

The code audit serves as the cornerstone for establishing a productive partnership between our teams, ensuring alignment and efficiency from the outset. It guides you in selecting the most suitable retainer plan that aligns with your budget and desired operational velocity, optimizing ongoing support and enhancements. Once your retainer plan is chosen, we swiftly onboard your team, prioritizing critical issues identified in the audit. This proactive approach guarantees quick resolutions, enhancing site performance and improving user experience promptly.


The Command C team continues to exceed our expectations with their organization, communication and talent.

– Darcy Gray, Tom Bihn