Code Audits

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When taking over a site that we did not originally build, we begin with a one-time code audit. The audit is an in-depth review of your code that enables us to:

  • Familiarize ourselves with your code upfront so that we’re in a position to work on it efficiently
  • Help ensure that the estimates we provide are accurate, saving you money in the long run
  • Make meaningful technical recommendations
  • Determine a workflow
  • Provide server recommendations (where appropriate)

The audit serves as a great foundation for a working relationship between our team and yours. It can help you to choose which retainer plan makes the most sense based on your budget and desired velocity. Your velocity is directly related to your conversion rate. The higher the the velocity, the higher the conversion rate on your site. Once you’ve selected your retainer plan, we’re in a position to onboard you and delve into addressing your issues quickly.

The Command C team continues to exceed our expectations with their organization, communication and talent.

– Darcy Gray, Tom Bihn