• 9 minute read

    Using Shopify Scripts Automation to Create More Personalized Ecommerce Experiences

    In Shopify's own words, custom Shopify Scripts are small pieces of code that let you create personalized experiences for your online store customers in their cart and at checkout. They are available o…

    Platform TalkReducing Friction

  • 6 minute read

    8 Tech Innovations To Transform Your Ecommerce Apparel Site

    Calling all apparel retailers: you know that feeling when things are going well with your ecommerce site, but you know they could be going better? Perhaps you’ve solved your biggest issues. You no l…

    AllEcommerce InspirationServing Your Customers

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  • 13 minute read

    Ecommerce Development Retainers: How to Get the Most Benefit from Ongoing Support

    As ecommerce grows into its third decade, one fact is certain: it continually evolves. In this changing reality, retailers thrive when they keep evolving, too. In order to keep an ecommerce site worki…

    Modern BusinessROI & KPIs

  • 5 minute read

    4 Data Migration Considerations for Ecommerce Replatforming

    It’s nearly impossible to overstate this: a modern ecommerce site is a complex ecosystem. As you evaluate your site, you will not only look at the frontend where your customers view and experience y…

    Platform TalkStrategy & Discovery

  • 1 minute read

    ROI Calculator: How a Command C Rescue Can Impact Your Bottom Line

    Calculate your projected ROI based on Command C’s experience with struggling ecommerce sites.

    ROI & KPIs

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  • 11 minute read

    Ecommerce Replatforming Success Hinges on Seamless Data Migration

    For ecommerce retailers, a successful replatforming, or platform upgrade, hinges on a key component for success: the migration of data. This means bringing important business information – namely pr…

    IntegrationsStrategy & Discovery