• 3 minute read

    The 4 Customer Expectations of Post-Pandemic Retail

    In an analogy: the Covid-19 pandemic has been like a slingshot for the retail industry. Merchants have always had to evolve to stay relevant, but in the past year, these changes accelerated. One study…

    Modern BusinessServing Your Customers

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  • 6 minute read

    The 4 Rules of Error Messaging that Keep Customers Converting in Checkout

    When you think about it, errors in physical retail stores are not all that common. Occasionally, a store’s systems go down or a customer's credit card doesn't swipe properly.  But when someone i…

    Reducing FrictionStrategy & Discovery

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  • 7 minute read

    8 Features to Test to Get More Onsite Email Sign Ups

    Ecommerce teams know the challenge: how do you get people to engage with your emails - especially when they haven't bought from your store yet? Marketing teams spend a lot of time and money directing …

    AllServing Your CustomersStrategy & Discovery

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  • 5 minute read

    Top Shopify Apps to Connect with Customers and Increase AOV

    Most ecommerce teams want to connect more with their customers and motivate people to add more items to their carts. Often all it takes is the right offer at the right time. Thankfully, for retailers …

    Modern BusinessShopify

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  • 5 minute read

    Best In Class 2021: 5 Brands that Communicate Ecommerce Luxury

    As a retailer, your online store needs to be both efficient and inspiring. The mechanics have to be seamless, while speaking to your customers in a personal way. This is especially true for luxury com…

    Ecommerce InspirationServing Your Customers

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  • 5 minute read

    How Product Photo Zoom Can Make or Break Ecommerce Conversions

    As an online retailer, you probably have a love-hate relationship with your product pages. On the one hand, these pages are how your company presents its products to the world. Your team spends time c…

    Reducing FrictionServing Your Customers

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