Accessibility Audits

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Our ecommerce accessibility audits are designed to assess how well your website meets the needs of users with disabilities.

Are you concerned that your site might be frustrating or impossible for people with disabilities to use? Have you received a legal letter indicating that you are violating accessibility guidelines? We can help you understand these issues and address them swiftly and effectively.

During our accessibility audit, we meticulously analyze your site against the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, aiming for a conformance goal that meets your specific needs. Our comprehensive process combines automated tools and manual reviews, following industry best practices.

Key components of our accessibility audit include:

  • Roadmap of specific recommendations to achieve compliance.
  • Recommended implementation timeline for making necessary changes.
  • Best practice recommendations for your internal team to maintain accessibility standards.
  • Estimates detailing the effort required to achieve compliance.
  • Prioritization of the most impactful changes to implement first, enhancing accessibility swiftly.

Once we complete the accessibility audit, we guide you through implementing our recommendations, starting with the changes that will have the greatest positive impact.