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Having an ecommerce crisis? Did you recently launch a new site and sales have plummeted? Are frequent bugs preventing your users from completing key tasks?

Common problems we solve:

  • Poor conversions
  • Broken site features/frequent bugs
  • Laborious or duplicative tasks on the administrative side
  • Cascading issues that arise when a change is made leading to frequent issues
  • Site speed and/or server issues
  • Lack of technical acumen on behalf of existing development partner
  • Poor or slow communication
  • Slow moving progress
  • Difficulty organizing and prioritizing fixes
Our site lost significant revenue and traffic following the launch with another agency. Command C came in with a strong plan to address the issues. They helped us recover sales and turned conversion around within a few months.

– Sarah Tomchessen, The Pleasure Chest

For ecommerce merchants, finding the right technical partner can be one of the biggest challenges. Let alone finding a partner who can effectively work with someone else’s code. Unlike most development firms, this is our specialty.

We begin with an in-depth code audit to familiarize ourselves with how your code is written. The audit includes technical recommendations and estimates based on a backlog of tasks that you provide. Our code audit helps ensure that future estimates we provide are accurate, saving you money in the long run.

With the audit under our belts, we’re in a position to onboard you and delve into addressing your issues. We’ll help you prioritize the fixes or enhancements that will have the most impact on your site.

Once we get established and our workflow is clear, we focus on velocity: moving your site forward with consistent cadence and speed.

For one of our clients, we compared the three-month period after they launched (with another agency) to the same three-month period a year later, after working with Command C. The results included:

  • 79% increase in conversion rate
  • 151% increase in transactions
  • 153% increase in revenue

Our results speak for themselves.