Ecommerce Project Rescue and Ongoing Support

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For ecommerce merchants, finding the right technical partner can be one of the biggest challenges. Let alone finding a partner who can effectively work with someone else’s code. Unlike most development firms, this is our specialty. Our experts can craft a plan to stabilize and grow your Magento 2, Shopify Plus or BigCommerce store.

Once we stabilize your site, we work with merchants to support and maintain their sites on an ongoing basis. Whether you need technical support and enhancement from time to time or an ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization plan, our retainers are crafted to fit your needs.

Common problems we solve:

  • Low conversion rates
  • Broken site features/frequent bugs
  • Inefficient or duplicative administrative tasks
  • Cascading issues that arise whenever a change is made
  • Site speed and/or server issues
  • Automation and personalization
  • Ensuring key metrics are in place
  • Poorly written code
  • Lack of technical acumen on behalf of existing development partner
  • Poor or slow communication
  • Slow moving progress
  • Difficulty organizing and prioritizing fixes

Command C’s Challenge, Equilibrium, Growth (CEG) approach identifies clients in one of those categories, determined by the criteria in the infographic below. Our strategy has proven to help clients achieve and capitalize on the growth stage, determine how to prioritize changes to their site and maximize ROI.


Command C's model
Our site lost significant revenue and traffic following the launch with another agency. Command C came in with a strong plan to address the issues. They helped us recover sales and turned conversion around within a few months.

– Sarah Tomchessen, The Pleasure Chest

We begin with an in-depth code audit to familiarize ourselves with how your code is written. The audit includes technical recommendations and estimates based on a backlog of tasks that you provide. Our code audit also helps ensure that future estimates we provide are accurate, saving you money in the long run.

With the audit under our belts, we’re in a position to onboard and delve into addressing your issues. We’ll help you prioritize the fixes or enhancements that will have the most impact on your site. The goal is always to get your site into the Equilibrium phase and positioned for Growth.

The top benefits of our monthly retainers are:

  • A dedicated project manager and tech lead committed to your project
  • Guaranteed velocity and prioritization in our work queue
  • Discounted hourly rates
  • Access to our emergency support system to keep your site up and running 24/7
  • Waived project minimum and efficient workflow to maximize your investment
  • Active dashboards where you can keep to do lists, view a calendar of all scheduled updates, post new tickets, and keep up to date with where you’re at in your retainer
  • Strategic planning meetings to maintain velocity and cadence