Conversion Rate Optimization

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There are two distinct ways to optimize an existing site: driving more users to the site and converting more users that are already on a site. Command C’s process focuses on the latter. We are strategic partners who emphasize optimizing technology and iterative testing to reduce friction and increase conversions. 

Continuous conversion rate optimization testing is more important than ever.
Ecommerce is here to stay and more widely utilized than ever. The competition is real. What are you doing to out pace your competitors? As a valued strategic and technical partner, Command C will keep you focused on your goals and guide you through the complexities of an active CRO strategy.

At Command C, we know there is no one size fits all approach to ecommerce conversion rate optimization, but there is a general framework to help ensure the process is successful. First and foremost, you must ensure your technical challenges and foundational site elements are addressed. From there, it’s all about identifying leaks in your funnel and running experiments to figure out how your unique customers convert best. 

Command C’s 3 step approach to ecommerce CRO is as follows:

  1. Research & analysis: We’ll get to know your business and your customers. We leverage tools like heatmap testing, CRO audits and analytics audits to ensure the correct data is being recorded and analyzed. 
  2. Run experiments: After establishing the best tools for your business and crafting some initial hypotheses, we will implement the testing strategy. 
  3. Implement & repeat: After a set amount of time we will determine the winners of our experiments and implement them on your site. From there, we’ll determine where to focus next and run through the process again. 

For one of our clients, we compared the three-month period after they launched (with another agency) to the same three-month period a year later, after working with Command C. The results included:

  • 79% increase in conversion rate
  • 151% increase in transactions
  • 153% increase in revenue

Our results speak for themselves.

Since starting with Command C, we’ve seen a 20% increase in efficiency in our customer service. We’ve also seen an increase in productivity.

– Tyler Clemens, Outlier