How to Effectively Use Video in Ecommerce

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Video Transcript: How to Effectively Use Video in Ecommerce

Today we are talking about video for ecommerce. You’re going to learn:

  • the best ways to use video on your site
  • some of the challenges involved
  • and then I’ll go through some examples of the types of videos and some placement ideas that you can try out.

When it comes to using videos, there are a lot of different use cases. I have a bunch listed here on the slide, a few that are pretty common for ecommerce, product demos, tutorials, customer testimonials, but some other ones that you could consider are behind the scenes content, setting the tone and brand image. Doing things like virtual tours of the office, the warehouse, the factory. Even doing things like live streams where you go through product launches or Q&As with your customers.

When it comes to the technical challenges of video there are quite a few, but you can overcome these with different tools and keeping them in mind when you are adding video to the site. Testing out how the video affects the loading times. Large file sizes are going to load slower on the site and could cause issues with page load speed. You also have to consider compatibility, if the video is going to play well on certain devices or browsers. Also considering hosting and storage costs and the management of those platforms. As well as optimizing video for search engines.

Now, when it comes to what to show on your site and where I have a few different examples we can go through. For product pages, obviously you can show product videos. How the product is used by people. For example, a backpack, what you can put in the bag. You can also show how the items are made, give a little story about the products. For example, here for this shoe company, Nisolo, you can see people wearing the shoes, how the shoes look with different outfits and different circumstances. So it gives you a little bit more information about the shoes that a static image can’t. On the homepage, you can show videos, so you can do things like behind the scenes or a story about the company that can give people a better feel for who you are and why they should buy from you.

On this site, Greats, they use video to give you a sense of the brand, the styling, the different types of shoes that they offer. And finally, another idea for video are ads. So for rifle paper company, they have an ad here where you can quickly see how their planners and calendars work and what it looks like. So it’s really helpful for people who want a certain styling to their calendar, planner and they can quickly see if they can get that from this particular product. So those are a few different ideas for video and some considerations to keep in mind if you do plan to try out some video content. And I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks.