How to Ensure Your Landing Page Nurtures New Visitors

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New visitors are unlikely to convert when they land on your store. And that’s costing you money. Learn what new visitors are expecting to see on a landing page and ways you can motivate them to convert.

You’ll see examples from brands like Peloton and Barkbox to get an idea of how you can optimize your landing pages to nurture new visitors.

Transcript: How to Ensure Your Landing Page Nurtures New Visitors

Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a conversion specialist here at Command C and today we’re taking a look at landing pages. How can you get new visitors that land on your site to convert better and turn into repeat customers?

The issue is that you’re likely spending money on ads and clicks and probably 60% or more of these visitors are bouncing. A lot of these visitors are getting on landing pages and they are lacking motivation and information.

In this video, you’re going to learn:

  • What new visitors expect to see when they land on your store
  • One of the biggest reasons new visitors won’t convert on your landing page
  • How to motivate visitors to purchase today.

How BarkBox Keeps Things Coherent

Here’s an ad from BarkBox. They highlight that they have a free gift for new members, free XL Dumplings. They mention it here, here, and here and on the landing page they make sure to mention it again. They mentioned it here, they mentioned in this little pop-up here.

They do a good job of reiterating that benefit from the ad in their landing page. That’s something that’s really important to do and a lot of sites make that mistake. They might have copy or images in their ads and send visitors to a collection page that might not match exactly the product that was displayed in the ad.

How Plus Gives New Visitors Information They Need

Next up is Plus. They have an ad here for saving 15% on their bottle-free body wash. They have the video here you can watch and you land on this product page. They reiterate here about the 15% off, same here they show the new price and the old price.

And what they do really well is giving customers additional information about the company and the product. It’s a zero waste body wash and customers might be interested, but they might wonder, okay, well, why should I buy from this company and not look at a competitor? Or why should I buy a zero waste body wash?

They mentioned that their products are convenient, they’re high quality, there is no waste. They put this information relatively close to the top of the page so it’s easy for customers to see and get that information. They also tell customers that there’s no fillers or chemicals, there’s no waste, they also highlight some testimonials from top publishers.

They promote some other products if people are interested in a scented body wash. And they talk more about other benefits of the product. Lower CO2 emissions, dissolvable packaging, it’s vegan, it’s compostable, how the product actually works and why they’re different from competitors.

They really put this information here to help new visitors find the information they need  in order to convert today. And that’s a big reason customers don’t convert, because they have questions that aren’t easily answered on the page. Or they’re just lacking certain information that would help them feel more confident in purchasing.

Peloton Gives the Facts on Financing

Next we have Peloton. This ad is promoting their financing program. When you click and you land on the financing page, they mentioned up here, no money down with financing. They also talk here about how they partnered with Affirm for financing, and they reiterate information from the ad. It’s very simple, zero money down.

These are all the benefits that you’re getting and then a call to action to pre-qualify. And then information on how the financing actually works. It’s likely customers had questions about these things like, wait, so I sign up and then what happens next? They address those questions here.

They also mention which products you can finance and how much that monthly price will start at. There’s a nice quote from a customer who financed in the past, and then you can even compare costs. A lot of good information for new customers who are wondering how the financing works and they really address those questions here.

Four Sigmatic Provides Details on Why Their Coffee is Better

And then lastly, we have Four Sigmatic. They do probiotic mushroom coffee.

We can see down here on the ad they’re offering up to 35% off and free shipping and they reiterate that here on the product page up here, and then redeeming the offers. They do a good job of motivating customers to want to purchase. They claim that this is an offer, you’re getting a discount, you’re getting for U.S. shipping, it’s a limited time so that kind of pushes people to want to get it right away.

They also mentioned some benefits, they offer 60 day money back guarantee, which is great. A lot of customers know about coffee, but they probably don’t know about probiotics or the mushrooms in the coffee. This helps assuage any fears or doubts about purchasing. And then they have a lot of great five star reviews.

Then also on their product page, they do a really good job of mentioning the benefits of getting this coffee; why it’s better for your gut health and your immune system. This is information new customers are really going to be interested in. There are reviews from customers that also reduce some doubts. And then just additional information for people who need to know a little bit more about the product and why it’s different. And they do a really good job of providing all this information.

These were just a few examples of companies’ ads and landing pages. How they’re doing a good job providing information that new customers need and trying to instill some motivation into customers to get them to purchase after landing on the page. Hopefully you got some ideas from these examples and I’ll see you in the next video.

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