Video: Improve Conversions by Educating Your Ecommerce Customers

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Some products are self-explanatory, such as a shirt or sunglasses. But if your products venture into a new category, are used in a unique way, or have technical aspects, you’ll want to educate your site visitors.

Not only do you need to provide useful information, but you need to do so in a way that engages visitors and increases conversions. See examples from top ecommerce companies and how they’re effectively educating their customers.

Transcript: Improve Conversions by Educating Your Ecommerce Customers

Hi there. I’m Lauren. I’m a conversion specialist here at Command C and today we’re taking a look at educating customers on e-commerce stores.

In this video, you are going to learn what products require education, how to effectively inform your customers and examples of ways to do so.

When, Why, and How to Educate Your Customers

When do you need to educate? Usually that’s when there’s a new product category or a trend like keto, when you’re doing something that’s better than the competition. Something like Peloton versus generic spin bikes or you’re doing something in a new way. Allbirds with their sustainable shoes and mirror replacing the need for gyms, and making a new spin on home workouts.

Why do you need to educate? So you want customers to feel more confident in their purchase and answering lingering questions can be done through this education. And that also helps make them feel more confident in their purchase. You also want to explain why your solution solves their needs the best. And if your product is nuanced or can be used in different ways, you need to educate customers about that.

The different ways to educate are videos, graphics, using customers’ own words. Writing customer reviews and using that in your copy. Resource guides, detailed product descriptions and we’ll see some in just a second.

How a New Product Explains Their Tool

This product, Levels, is fairly new. They’re just taking pre-orders. It’s a glucose meter, a continuous glucose meter. This is something that people are probably new to. And so levels needs to explain how the product works, why it’s useful for monitoring your health. They do that using a lot of graphics.

Here you can see someone had a salmon salad and then the meter displays the effect on their glucose, the small spike and the duration of time. And then over here, you get an idea of how the app will onboard you when you sign up.

Air Purifier Using Engaging Graphics to Educate

For Molekule, so this is an air purifier and they need to educate customers about how their product works, why it’s different and why it’s going to help them and in their home or their office. So here they use graphics, interactive graphics so you can click the different numbers to get an idea of how the product exactly works.

And over here, you can see the pollutant that the device destroys. So they use little graphics to make it more interesting to go through and see these different things that the device captures.

A New Take on Shoes and How They Communicate Their Differences

A new take on shoes is Vessi, they do waterproof shoes. And over here they explain the tech they use in their shoes to make them not only waterproof, but also breathable. Over here you can see they quickly explain they’re 100% waterproof and they illustrate that with this image.

They also mentioned that it’s breathable, they are lightweight and they are vegan. This is a great way to quickly educate customers about why this product is different, why you would want to buy this if you’re considering a new pair of sneakers over just getting a generic pair sneakers.

How to Effectively Explain a New Way to Workout

And lastly, we have Mirror. This is a new technology that you put on your wall and you can use it for home workouts. They do a great job of educating and in the navigation, the first link here is how it works. You can click on that and get an idea of all the different types of workouts you can do, exactly how the device can help you train.

They use a lot of videos on their website, a lot of automatic videos to really illustrate all the different use cases for mirror. It’s not just for yoga. It’s for boxing. It’s for cardio. It’s for weight training. They do a great job of educating customers about all the different ways you can use the device.

Down here you can get an idea of … They have 50 different genres of workouts, different lengths of time, different expertise levels. They have live and on-demand classes. They have one-on-one personal training. You can even use it with your family so you can get a really good idea of how the device can cater to your needs. It’s not just for one specific use case.

These were a few different ways that sites are educating their customers. Hopefully you got an idea of ways you can provide more information to your customers and help them feel more confident in their purchase. Thanks.