Recommended Use of SSL Encryption Everywhere

Shopify announced today that all online stores on its platform can now be accessed using SSL encryption across all site URLS. SSL encryption has traditionally been used to protect a user’s personal information during the checkout process only, however, web standards are changing and it is recommended that all pages, content and data across your site be protected under SSL.

Beyond Shopify, we believe this is a new web standard and are recommending that all sites, ecommerce or otherwise, implement SSL across all pages. Google is on board as well, announcing that it will now (and potentially increasingly so) be using HTTPS as a ranking signal on their search engine.

Please read Shopify’s announcement and further explanation about this here.

We will be working with all clients to transition their HTTP urls to HTTPS over the next several weeks. Please reach out if you would like us to quote and schedule this transition for you.

Here’s to a safer and more secure web!

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