• 5 minute read

    How to Structure Product Filters and Sorting for Highest Conversions

    We’ve all been in a situation where we had too many choices and felt overwhelmed to make a decision. Sometimes we think we want more options – more is better, right? But studies have shown that to…

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  • 7 minute read

    8 Features to Test to Get More Onsite Email Sign Ups

    Ecommerce teams know the challenge: how do you get people to engage with your emails - especially when they haven't bought from your store yet? Marketing teams spend a lot of time and money directing …

    AllServing Your CustomersStrategy & Discovery

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  • 6 minute read

    Avoid These 4 Sneaky Data Migration Pitfalls that Delay Ecommerce Site Launch

    As an online retailer, one of the biggest projects you can undertake is replatforming your ecommerce site. And, within this, one of the most important aspects is migrating your company data from the o…

    AllROI & KPIsStrategy & Discovery

  • 2 minute read

    Command C Recognized as Top Ecommerce Developer in New York

    We are excited to announce that Command C has been named one of the top 10 ecommerce developers in New York, and more specifically, one of the top five Magento and Shopify developers in the area b…


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  • 6 minute read

    How Shopify Launchpad Can Increase #BFCM Sales (Plus 4 More Sales-Boosting Features)

    It's the most wonderful–and lucrative–time of the year. The National Retail Federation says that many stores will earn 20%-30% of their annual revenue in the next few weeks. If you feel more stres…

    AllModern BusinessPlatform TalkShopify

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  • 4 minute read

    Magento 2.2 New Feature Highlights

    Magento, one of the pioneer platforms for ecommerce, is finding new momentum in its latest version, Magento Commerce 2.2. In recent years, Magento has met tough competition from other platforms, espec…

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