Best In Class: 7 Top Menswear Ecommerce Examples from Home to Checkout

No Man Walks Alone Home

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Our last Best in Class articles have been quite popular (check out the 2020 luxury one here and the 2021 article here). We love a good luxury store, but that’s not all the ecommerce world has to offer. 

In this article we’ll showcase our favorite menswear stores. You’ll see which have world-class home pages, collection and product pages, carts, and checkouts.  

Effectively merchandising clothing online can be tricky. Customers prefer to touch items in a store, try them on, things they can’t do online. Fashion ecommerce stores need to reassure visitors with detailed photos and product descriptions that answer any lingering questions. These stores also need to help customers browse to find an item they want and also discover additional items. 

See which menswear stores are pulling it off online. 

Best Home Page
No Man Walks Alone

When it comes to home pages, there are multiple approaches stores can take. The home page is often the one page with the most visitors, but not every visitor will see the home page either. There should be a balance of displaying products and collections, as well as instilling a sense of the brand. 

The home page is often the page with the most creative leeway, where visitors are not exactly expecting anything unlike on product pages or in the cart. 

Our pick for best men’s fashion home page is……No Man Walks Alone


No Man Walks Alone Rewards
Full disclosure, this store is one of our clients but even if they weren’t we would still be featuring them here. Their home page is an excellent mix of shoppable content and information for customers (their loyalty program, look book, online community). 

No Man Walks Alone Value Proposition
NMWA includes a nice section that introduces customers to the brand and why they’re different. 

No Man Walks Alone Brand
Lastly, they do a great job on the homepage (and on other pages) of introducing customers to the artisans they promote in the store. 

Best Collection Page

When it comes to collection pages (AKA product listing pages) we are often looking for certain elements such as detailed photos, stock information, and filters. But that doesn’t mean the collection page needs to be cookie-cutter. 

Our pick for best menswear collection page is Haven. They feature all different types of brands (including their own) and types of products (shoes, knitwear, accessories, home goods). 

Something unique they do on their collection pages is offering a “view” feature that allows visitors to select what type of photos they want to see: product only or outfit. 

Haven collection page Haven collection page
There are multiple filter options available including brand, color, price, and size. 

Collection filter page
And visitors on desktop can search within the category as well. This is a helpful way to navigate, especially if a visitor realizes the category is actually quite large and they want to narrow down their search. 

Search on collection page

Best Product Page

For the product page, we actually have two picks for our “Best in Class” menswear. 

End sells multiple different menswear brands. Their product pages may not be as editorialized as other stores, but their product pages provide clarity around important information that customers otherwise have to dig around for on other stores. 


End product page delivery
Visitors can clearly see when their order will arrive, as well as the cost of shipping. Information on the model’s height and what size they’re wearing is also easy to find. This is a common question, especially since it helps customers understand how an item might fit them. 


End product page shipping
Lastly, the returns information is clearly stated. On a clothing site, this is very important for visitors because they don’t get the chance to try on the items and might have doubts about sizing. But if they see they can easily return items, they are more confident in purchasing. 

Best Sizing
Hugh and Crye

Hugh and Crye sizes

Next up, we wanted to make a special mention for sizing. For an online store, the sizing guide is the closest thing a customer can get to a fitting room. The sizing chart or tool needs to be easy to understand and use, otherwise visitors will put off their purchase. 

Hugh and Crye sizing tool
Hugh and Crye has their own approach to sizing and fits. They offer a Fit Finder tool with just 4 steps. This is important because visitors don’t want to spend a ton of time trying to identify their size, especially when they’re in the middle of browsing and wanting to buy. 

Hugh and Crye sizing
The tool takes you through a few questions about height and build and then provides you with your fit. Their sizing is focused more around body type than the typical small, medium, large sizes. 

Best Cart

Suitsupply’s cart has everything you’d expect to need when you’re just about ready to enter the checkout:

  • Items in the order
  • Information on return and shipping cost
  • Payment options
  • Delivery time
  • Ability to pick up in store

Suitsupply cart
And surprisingly all of this information fits concisely above the fold on mobile. This is what makes Suitsupply’s cart best in class. It has all the information you need without feeling cluttered and overwhelming. 

Best Checkout
Indigo & Cotton

For our final category, we’ll look at the best in class menswear site in terms of the checkout. There are plenty of ways to approach the checkout from multi-page to single-page, accordions, and more. 

Our pick is Indigo & Cotton, a store in Charleston and a presence online, selling a variety of quality menswear brands. 

Indigo and Cotton mobile checkout
Their checkout is best in class due to its ability to fit everything on one page without making a user feel overwhelmed, especially on mobile. 

The checkout uses defaults to help users go through the checkout faster. The billing and shipping information is already defaulting to the same address, the shipping method defaults to the ground shipping option (though we would recommend defaulting to the free option when possible). And lastly the payment method defaults to PayPal Credit. 

Visitors can also review their order information at the bottom of the checkout if they need. And below that is contact information to reach customer support for any last minute questions. 

This is an excellent checkout because of its ability to feel brief, yet also contain all the information a user needs in order to feel confident completing their order. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of menswear sites, and although we can’t go through them all, these stores are exemplary in their ability to showcase products and information in unique ways. 

Hopefully you got some inspiration for your own store whether or not it’s menswear. Many of the examples above can be applied across ecommerce industries.  

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