Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment, #7: Lack of Trust in Seller

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If you’ve ever joined hands with someone and tried to keep steps to a song than you know exactly what “It takes two to tango” means. Not only do you have to be confident in taking the next step, but also you need to trust that your partner will do the same in stride. The same idea translates into the buyer and seller relationship at checkout. As a seller, it is critical to confidently lead your seller to take his or her next step, which is the purchase of your product. How do you do that?

Just as a dancer looks for queues from a partner, so buyers are looking to have their confidence assured as they journey through the checkout. Provide them with confidence by showing off your security. Just as a house’s front yard sign proudly displays it is secured by ADT, tell your visitors that they are in a safe place. Here are a couple examples of well- known, well-established “trustmarks:”


Display your security and the means in which you keep customer information confidential front and center. Remember, if you keep your customers in doubt, you’ll keep your customers out. Establishing trust with your guests at the checkout is one of the best ways to establish long-lasting relationship.

Rely on and show off your community
Another way to build trust is to leverage your community. By integrating with Facebook (there are many options here) or by showcasing testimonials from happy clients, you’re bringing in a third party voice that can help your potential customers know that other people know and trust you. I look for these sort of indicators all the time. If a site seems to have no traffic and no community, I’m immediately a weary visitor.

Offering product reviews can not only enhance trust in the product you are selling, but also in you as a vendor. There’s a flip side of this one though, insofar as you don’t want to have empty reviews. This can be a deterrent. We suggest reaching out to some of your top customers when implementing a review system and offering them some sort of perk in exchange for them taking a few minutes to share their experience.

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