Top Reasons for Cart Abandonment #3: Not Enough Payment Options

As we continue our journey seeking to remedy the common cold of cart abandonment, we are reminded that customers love customization – even at the checkout. One of the largest speed bumps at checkout can be not accepting the form of payment that they bring to checkout.

Put yourself in the shoes of your guest (we can’t emphasize this enough). Imagine spending a half hour shopping and you’re ready to check out with your PayPal account, when boom, you’re blind-sided at the fact this retailer only does business via major credit card.

With bank fees and the convenience of the digital world, many shoppers have converted over to services such as Google Wallet and PayPal (as well as BillMeLater). As a seller, be ready with a convenient, smooth checkout no matter what form of payment comes your way. Let’s look at this example from

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 4.53.46 PM

The clearly listed logos allow the user to find their form of payment easily and there are even options to pay by phone or email if they have trust issues with the online shopping process itself. Bottom line: the checkout process should be as quick and frustration-free as possible.

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