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There are two distinct avenues of optimizing an existing site: driving more users to the site and converting more users that are already on a site. Command C’s process focuses on the latter. We are strategic technical partners who emphasize optimizing technology to reduce friction and increase conversions. 

Consistent enhancement to existing sites is critical to growth. The pace and consistency at which this is done is often referred to as the velocity and cadence of a project. Higher velocity and cadence directly correspond to increased conversion rates.

Command C’s Challenge, Equilibrium, Growth (CEG) approach identifies clients in one of those categories, determined by the criteria in the infographic below. We work best with clients in the challenge or equilibrium stage who have a clear vision and awareness of their current issues. Our strategy has proven to help clients achieve the growth stage, determine how to prioritize changes to their site and maximize ROI.

Once you achieve the growth stage (by addressing the issues associated with challenge and equilibrium) we can help you strategize about the best user and/or A/B testing approaches given your current size and budget. While we provide strategic guidance on the kinds of testing that are appropriate for you, and we can work with your team to get these systems implemented, the client is responsible for crafting hypotheses and running the tests. With the results, we can help you strategize how to best solve your issues.

Challenge, Equilibrium, Growth

The top benefits of our monthly retainers are:

  • A dedicated project manager and tech lead committed to your project
  • Guaranteed velocity and prioritization in our work queue
  • Discounted rates
  • Access to our emergency support system to keep your site up and running 24/7
  • Waived project minimum and efficient workflow to maximize your investment
  • Active dashboards where you can keep to do lists, view a calendar of all scheduled updates, post new tickets, and keep up to date with where you’re at in your retainer
  • Strategic planning meetings to maintain velocity and cadence
Since starting with Command C, we’ve seen a 20% increase in efficiency in our customer service. We’ve also seen an increase in productivity.

– Tyler Clemens, Outlier