Video: 3 Ecommerce Product Bundle Ideas to Boost AOV

Colorful box of packaging for Native personal care products

Welcome to a new feature from Command C where we offer video reviews of some of our favorite innovations in ecommerce. These insights will be brought to you by Lauren, a conversion strategist at Command C.

To kick things off in the video below, Lauren walks through three great examples of ecommerce product bundles. These companies will inspire fellow retailers to use bundles as a way to increase your company’s own average order value. As you’ll see, she highlights companies with products that creatively expand on what people buy in bulk.

Transcript: Ecommerce Product Bundles

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a conversion strategist at Command C, and I’m going to take you through a few popular sites to show you how they do product bundling which we know is a great way to help increase average order value.

So, I’ll go through my analysis of the sites and what they do well and what I think they could do better to improve their product bundling. And hopefully you’ll walk away with a few ideas for things you can trial on your own site.

Example #1: Buying Multiples of Native Personal Care Products

So, first we’re going to look at Native, they sell deodorant and other consumables like body wash and toothpaste. Typically people aren’t purchasing multiple deodorants at a time or multiple toothpaste. So a way that Native tries to increase average order value with bundling is with build your pack and with sets.

So taking a look at the build your pack. The pack is a way to get people to purchase multiple deodorants at a time, instead of just one. Here you can see you’re getting three at a $6 discount, so that’s the benefit to the customer. And the product page is very easy to use, very customer friendly. So you can add three different scents. You can add three of the same scent and quickly add to cart. So very user-friendly and the only thing I think that they could do better with this pack is in the promotion.

On the homepage, it doesn’t mention anything about the discounted price. And I think that’s a big benefit to consumers and a reason that they would want to actually purchase this pack. And when we take a look at the sets, so the sets are one deodorant, one body wash, two bar soaps and one mini deodorant.

So you’re picking one scent for all of these items, but you get to trial a collection of different items together, and that sells for $30. If this is a discounted price from purchasing all these items separately, I think that could be communicated better here on the product page. But other than that, this set is a good idea. You can see it sells quite well.

And when you enter cart, so then you get this side cart here and they have some relevant add-on items. So you can add a toothpaste. You can add some men’s deodorant here. And when you go to the cart, you’ll also see some additional add-on items. So, some toothpaste, the deodorant, and then other items you can quickly add to your cart.

Example #2: Personalization and Subscriptions from Dollar Shave Club

Next, we’re going to look at Dollar Shave clubs that they’re known for their subscription shaving kits. And if you haven’t been on the site, they have really expanded their product lines where they’re selling everything you need to look good, keep your skin healthy, from acne eraser, lotion moisturizer. You can see how big this product or this collection page is, it’s quite lengthy.

So an issue for customers is going through all of these products. So let’s gets started. Page is a quiz to help customize, give you a selection of products, customized to what you need. So rather than having to go through all of the items on the collection page, you do this quick quiz and you let them know what you’re looking for. As you can see up here, it’s a pretty quick quiz and you have a nice progress bar.

So you can tell them different issues you have, type of hair, what products you already use. Then you can see your recommendations, so that took less than a minute. And now I have this collection of customized products based off of my needs. And I can see here that I get these at a discount and I can quickly add these all to the cart. So this is a lot faster than having to go through all the products on the collection page and look through all of them and add them all to the cart.

And then when you scroll down here, you can change the quantity, can see how much of a discount you’re getting per item, how often they ship. As you scroll down, you can choose your box frequency. Then if you’re not satisfied with the items that you were shown, you can retake the quiz or you can shop sets that they’ve already created. So it’s a good way to redirect people who might not like the quiz results.

Example #3: Upselling and Cross-Selling from Away

And finally, for Away, they sell suitcases. And typically these are something I’m only going to buy once every decade, hopefully unless your suitcase breaks. So somebody comes on the site, they’re looking for a carry-on. So how can Away increase average order value? Well, they have the option to add checked bags. So if you want to add a medium, a large, a medium and a large, so then if you one of these and you see if you order the carry-on and the checked bag together, you get a discount.

So this one, you get a $45 discount, which is a nice benefit to customers. And I think that’s something they could make more evident here, because if I didn’t click on any of these options, I’d have no idea that I could get these at a discount. And if I was planning to purchase a carry-on right now and maybe get a checked bag in the future, I’m seeing that if I buy these as a set right now, and I can get a discount, it might nudge me to actually get the check bag earlier than I’d planned.

Then when we add to cart, so another way that Away increases average order values, they have some add-on items here in the cart. So they have things like urban sleeve packing cubes that most people buying luggage are probably going to need. These are some lower priced products that you can quickly just add to your cart.

Those are the three examples of product bundling. So hopefully you’ve got some ideas to try on your site.