How to Help Your Ecommerce Customers When They Need It

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No matter how great your FAQ may be, customers are still going to run into questions on your site. In this video, we’ll run through how to effectively communicate your support channels. You’ll get a ton of examples of how other stores do this to get inspiration.

You will also learn how to gain insight from your support team to help proactively answer customer questions on your site and reduce their inquiry load.

Video: How to Help Your Ecommerce Customers When They Need It

Hey, there. I’m Lauren, I’m a Conversion Specialist here at Command C, and today we’re taking a look at customer support.

How do you help customers get in touch with your team, and also, how do you be proactive about answering questions that they might have? In this video, you’re going to learn how to reduce your customer support load, how to learn from your customers’ questions and get some inspiration on how to communicate your customer support info to visitors.

How to Reduce Support Inquiries

A few of the ways you can reduce customer support inquiries is by anticipating common questions and answering them in context. Fashion sites, customers are going to ask about sizing, make sure you have a size guide on the product page.

Also, have a comprehensive FAQ. Often people have questions about shipping, warranty, things like that, and make sure it’s in clear concise language, so not in marketing speak.

Learn From Your Support Team

And a few ways you can learn from your customer support team. Make sure you are asking your support team what the most common questions and complaints are.

Talk to them, get information about new things customers might be asking, places they might be having issues on the website. This way you can use that information to improve your FAQ and to answer questions throughout the website.

Examples of Customer Support on Ecommerce Stores

A few examples of ways you can communicate your customer support on your website. Here in the header on Backcountry, they’re showcasing that they have chat and then the phone number. Right away, it’s very easy for customers to see how to get in touch.

In the footer, on this website, you scroll all the way down and it’s very clear how to get in touch with them and the different ways of chat, email, calling, and they also provide the availability times as well. Definitely make sure you have this information in the footer because this is where a lot of people look for this.

For live chat, there’s a lot of different ways to promote live chat. On this site, it was quite interesting because they had a video here, you could see the video moving, it wasn’t playing sound until you clicked into it, and it would talk to you and try to engage you. It’s something interesting you might want to test out on your site.

And then a few other examples. You can have popups that include images like Backcountry, it shows somebody who’s going to be answering your questions, or here for Freshly Picked, so you can ask them something specific. Are you looking for something specific or need help? We’re happy to help. You can try to make it a little more personal.

On the product pages, some important things that will really help answer questions that customers might have and help reduce customer support load. Ways you can do this is with showing videos. Here for this backpack, it shows somebody packing up the backpack, so that’s probably a big question. A lot of people ask, what can I fit in there? This video helps answer that. Detailed photos, as many photos as you can, different angles, different contexts, lists of features for the product, Q&A section, customers can ask questions and get answers, and then future visitors can see those. Of course, definitely have shipping, returns, and warranty. Have clear enough that visitors don’t need to go to a separate part of the site to look for that. And also provide them easy ways to reach out to customer support in case they do have other questions.

And then here on Freshly Picked, you can see they have a Q&A section here, this is really useful. They had 67 questions, a lot of these questions are probably things other customers are going to ask. Does the bag come with a shoulder strap? Now this site knows, okay, well we should mention that the product does include a strap. We should mention this in this description because somebody’s asking about it.

And then lastly here on the product page, so make sure you have all of this important information here, as well as this easy button right here, letting people know that you have somebody they can chat with and that they’re available right now. Just in case they have a quick question that they need answered, they don’t need to stop their shopping process.

Those are some ways you can communicate your support options to your customers, and then also reduce your support load by answering questions throughout the site. Hopefully, you get some ideas, and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks.