4 Ways to Increase AOV on Your Ecommerce Store

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Transcript: 4 Ways to Increase AOV on Your Ecommerce Store

Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a conversion specialist here at Command C. And today we are talking about increasing the average order value in the cart. In this video, you’re going to learn about:

  • The state of the cart
  • What are the typical cart abandonment rates?
  • What’s the overall e-commerce average order value across the web?
  • You’re also going to find out some A/B tests that you can be running that can impact AOV
  • And some inspiration from different ecommerce stores.

When we take a look at abandoned cart rates, Baymard found differing rates, especially across device types. So we can obviously see a lot higher cart abandonment on mobile, so an average of 85.65%. Desktop is almost 70%, and then tablet is around 80%. This is important to know because a lot of people are going to end up abandoning the cart at some point in the process.

And overall, across the web, Littledata did a survey of 3,000 stores and they found that the average order value across these stores was $101. This is going to vary by store, by product type, by industry. Don’t take this as a benchmark that you necessarily need to be trying to achieve.

When it comes to A/B tests, a couple different ideas here for increasing average order value:

If you’re on Shopify, there are a few different plugins that can help you test out whether you should offer free shipping flat for every order or testing out different thresholds.

You can also test offering gifts with purchase, adding subscription options, and offering cross-sells, and then whether or not to offer cross-sells with or without discounts.

Gift With Purchase

An example of gifts with purchase. 4Ocean, if you land on the homepage during this particular period, they were offering a free reusable shopping bag with any purchase. You could easily click the button on the homepage to claim that offer, and that likely helped motivate people to want to hurry and purchase.

Another example of gift with purchase is Beauty Bay. On their product pages, they mention this offer. A 42-color palette that was worth $30, which is important to mention the value of the gift. And you could get that when you would spend $95. And then once you achieved that $95 order value, then they would add this product into the cart, mentioning again that it’s free so customers don’t get confused about what this extra item is.

Complementary Items

When it comes to complementary items, for Pura Vida bracelets, here you can see four particular products, they’re offering a “complete the look”. This was a breast cancer set, and you can also add on similar items as well.

Relevant Cross-Sells

And then relevant cross-sells in the cart. For these different sites, you can see how they’re offering their cross-sell. Pura Vida, again, they’re offering some mystery items, which are a nice little no-brainer offer. This mystery bracelet is only $4 a lot of people are probably adding that to their cart. This site is offering gift wrap. Likely a lot of the products sold on this site are gifts.

And then for Caraway, if you’re buying a bakeware set, they’re offering you a “Complete Your Kitchen” offer so you can add a cookware set as well.

And for Eight Sleep, they did something quite interesting. If you add an item to your cart, you’re then taken to a separate page that reminds you that you added something to the cart, but offers a full page of cross-sells that are relevant to your new mattress. Things like pillows, sheets, comforters, those types of items.

Quantity Upsell

And then lastly, you can also do a quantity upsell. Here for Caraway, they mention for the bake set, you can get an eleven piece or a five piece. And most importantly, they mention the price per piece. If you buy the five piece, it’s $49 per piece, but if you get the bigger set, it’s $36 per piece. Actually, you end up saving per piece of the bakeware set. That likely motivates people to actually end up purchasing more.

Those are some examples of ways you can increase the AOV for your site. Hopefully you got some good inspiration that you can test out on your own store. And I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks.