Benefits of Retainer Agreements

A retainer agreement is an arrangement where the client agrees to pay in advance for a specific amount of hours to be allocated to a project. There are many benefits of retainer agreements, and below we’ve outlined some of the specifics when working with us in this capacity.

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Clear Communication
First and foremost, we believe communication is key to any successful project. To guarantee streamlined support, each retainer client has a dedicated project manager committed to the project. The project manager monitors an active project management dashboard allowing the client to maintain to-do lists, view the status all scheduled updates, set milestones, and post new updates anytime.

Quick & Easy
We understand time is valuable, so we guarantee prioritized status in our work queue for our retainer clients. We’ve created an organized methodology custom-crafted by our team for managing updates quickly and effectively. This just means our clients are treated like VIPs.

Emergency Support
Command C has a proprietary emergency support system designed to keep your site up and running at all times. We custom-built this systems specifically for our retainer clients. When mission critical support is required at off peak hours, we have a dedicated email address that is linked up to our support team via text message. If something terrible happens, just email us and someone will be deployed to address the issue immediately.

Reputable & Experienced
For over 10 years, Command C has supported clients as their go-to web partners. Our specialties include Magento, Shopify and WordPress. We adhere to strict web standards and are always staying on top of the latest trends and technology advancements while keeping an eye towards prudence.

We place a huge emphasis on relationship building with our clients, and once we have that foundation in place, we’re in the ultimate position to help you leverage your work, service or product. Much of the initial work when starting a new project lies in just that, getting to know one another. Retainer agreements offer a way to maintain and leverage the initial work both client and agency put in to building the relationship.

Discounted Rates
For us, knowing we can count on your consistent block of work coming in each month allows us the flexibility of offering discounted rates. That speaks for itself.

Interested in exploring retainers with Command C?  Let us know how we can support you.